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    Andrew Spiering

    This afternoon we just passed 800 members on Land8Lounge.

    With many of our members helping spread the word, our community is bustling with Landscape Architects from all over the world. We are enjoying that so many creative people have come together to share their work and ideas.

    To all of the members in the Lounge, we want to send out a huge thanks for joining and we look forward to seeing even more LA’s join from around the globe.


    Chris Overdorf

    I am incredibly impressed and excited about this site. Kudos to Andrew and the others whom started this site. If landscape architecture desires to be a strong viable answer to the challenges people place upon our world, honest open dialogue is the key. Land8Lounge is a great resource for LA’s to communicate with each other free from the competitive demands placed upon us.

    “The reality today is that we are all interdependent and have to co-exist on this small planet. Therefore, the only sensible and intelligent way of resolving differences and clashes of interests, whether between individuals or nations, is through dialogue.” – the Dalai Lama

    Chris Overdorf
    Principal, Jones and Jones

    Chuck Byrd

    I think this community has the potential to do what none of the national or international organizations have been able to do – unite our profesession in all its many aspects and let the grass-roots guys and gals in the trenches have a voice in policy making and design innovation. Congratulations, and keep up the good work!

    Chuck Byrd, CSI, CDT
    Jackson, MS, USA
    BLA, LSU 1981

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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