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    fatih n karaca


    from Türkiye


    I’m a student of architect.I find this site while search for advice about “urban design”


    Firstly,my English is very bad.So I’m sorry… 🙁

    Secondly, this year we are working on urban design.And ı need advice for “urban space area”


    for ex;

    -open cinema

    -outdoor showroom,and half space showroom.

    -restorant,cafe,sitting area,meeting point…


    ı wait your idea,

    Please help me.


    Fatih Nur

    Adam Trujillo

    I would say the first thing to consider whenever working within the urban fabric is context. You can throw all the amenities and structures you want into the space however, if there is no context the project and design will fail. Look at the surrounding areas and study the site. Look at pedestrian traffic patterns, vehicular traffic patterns, nearby services and amenities, environmental conditions, micro-climates within the space. Does that area need more open space, seating, restaurants? Is there large cafe gathering area just a block away that everyone goes to? All these will help you understand what should go into the space and what shouldn’t. Look at design as not just objects but as a integrated landscape that not only looks great but functions within the city and provides the space that people NEED and will use. I hope that helps? I’m interested to see what you come up with! GOOD LUCK!

    Patrick Reno

    This is great advice as there are lots of places here in Las Vegas that look great, but no one really uses. Then there are other parks/open spaces that are just over crowded. I am sure other cities have the same issues, and that could have been enhanced by a little more research and understanding.

    fatih n karaca

    Thanks for everythings!
    Especially Adam Trujillo

    I care your advices.

    is there design example that you know

    thanks again!

    Wes Arola, RLA

    take a look at my senior project which you can download on my website

    I designed a 55 acre downtown which was an intense urban design project. Let me know if you have any further questions.

    Also check out this website

    Jon Quackenbush

    Combine all three, assuming you have the space. The uses do not seem to conflict, and you could create a site that is constantly alive… have fun.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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