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    umut özdemir

    Hi Everybody, all colleagues all around the world,

    I am Umut, I am doing my master on landscape architecture in Germany. As a part of my master,I need to go to Africa for a project. It is my dream I am running for a scholarship which it is being done by public voting via facebook. To give me support all you need to do is to follow these 3 easy support,no charge or anything..

    • Go to the link and click “stimme ab via fb” below my video,
    • Allow the app (it will direct you to fb,and no harm to accept it,when you like this app,you also help to rise the scholarship money… appreciated..
    • And final step is, to click on the green button below my video which says :”jetzt stimme”

    Here is my link:

         I would be so happy if you can give me 10sec to make my dream come true…

    And it is a great feeling to have support from a colleague from some other place on Earth:)

    Enjoy my animation and would be nice if you can give me feedback…



    umut özdemir

    I need your support, please just save me 10sec to vote on facebook for my Africa project… i need your support to make my dream real <3

    Walter Norris Bone


    umut özdemir

    thanks for your support:)

    Daniel Radai

    done, good luck 😉

    umut özdemir


Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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