Anybody knows the MLA Program in Virginia Tech?

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    Hi, everyone. 

    I have read the hot post in this forum about the prospect of LA, it seems not optimistic. I am a little worried about my future as an international student ready for entering the 3 – Year MLA  this year and begin to bear large financial burden. 

    But I have made great effort to get several admissions at present…… I do not know how could I give up all of them with smile…….

    Still, when the deadline for response to the admission has not come, I want to ask about the program of MLA in Virginia Tech in National Capital Region(WAAC), I have know from its website that it is a little theoretical, but the location near to Washington D.C may give a broad horizon to an international student. And what about the training in practice there? I have known that practice in LA is very very important. 

    Thank you~~

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