Anyone using Land F/X??

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    I just discovered Land F/X at my new job recently and I can not believe how many THOUSANDS of hours I, and my old employees, have wasted doing so many of the everyday cad tasks that I can cut out with LFX. 

    I’m hoping the power stays on during the hurricane and during the days afterwards because my plan is to just camp out at the office and attempt to completely customize the program and redesign the way our plans are created to be able to take advantage of LFX.  I expect there to be a nice jump in profit on our design jobs.

    Anyway, just wanted to see if anyone else is using it these days.  I’d love to share more info or discuss how you might be using it and see if you’ve got any ideas on setting some particular things up.


    Good luck to everyone else on the East Coast this weekend!



    Eric Gilbey


    Another East-coaster, here…Isn’t it amazing how a site specific design application can revolutionize the way drawings are produced? I learned this almost 4 years ago when I transitioned from using AutoCAD to Vectorworks Landmark. Whether using a plug-in that makes it site specific or using a stand-alone site specific application, it makes a world of difference in getting work done more efficiently and smarter (using intelligent objects)!


    Yes I use Land F/X at my office and love it.   It has definitely streamlined a lot of my work processes.


    I quickly adapted to using it for planting plans, although I know I wasn’t using it to its full potential.  The other night (during an all nighter) I kept loading the tutorial videos on my second monitor while I was working and I couldn’t believe the things they were saying were possible with it. 

    I guess I realize that AutoCad is used by so many different disciplines and for so many different types of projects, but the way that something like LFX’s detail/xref/referencing works just makes a ridiculous amount of sense, I’d be surprised that people aren’t doing similar things with their cad that Autodesk could be putting some energy into these kinds of things as well.


    I have been using it for around five years, I love it….very professional and easy to integrate. The people and tech staff helps and has lots of info.

    I dont know what the heck I would do without it. Compiling a plant list by hand seems archaic now.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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