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    On this:

    I cant figure out how to:
    1. get the main menu bar at top to display (its hidden somewhere)
    2. doesnt display correctly in firefox
    3. dont know about the two videos on the home page yet..
    4. links are set up yet, fyi

    I’m a web design amateur. Thanks for looking.

    Wade Sherman

    delete the whole < img > out of your header since you set it as the backround of the header div. Right now it is pushing the menu and title down behind your content.

    then in your CSS for #header… remove the two periods leading the location of header.jpg. It should look like “url(/images/header.jpg)” instead of “url(../images/header.jpg)” The periods tell it to step back a directory when it shouldnt (in this case).

    thirdly, download the firebug extention for firefox. it will speed up your html/css debugging like you never could have imagined.


    Awesome Wade, thanks!

    I knew someone here would be able to help out.

    Andrew Spiering


    if you haven’t already, check out firebug –

    It allows you to view the page source and edit the html and css code…

    Andrew Spiering

    Oops. Just saw Wade’s response!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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