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    I know they don’t provide the same services or purposes, but given the cost — if you had to spend money on carrying just one of the two, which do you suppose holds the most value, if either at all?

    The only benefit of holding a Council Record through CLARB is that it makes it easier to obtain licensure in another state through reciprocity. ASLA, I used to be a member of during school when it was $50, but now that I’d have to pay for “full membership” does anyone see value in membership outside of getting a magazine every month?  I’d like to hear people’s opinions of whether they’ve been happy with paying for either or if the majority of LAs just stay away from these altogether?


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    I’m not one who expects to move from state to state all of my life, nor one who believes I can’t get reciprocity on my own, and I felt likeI made enough large contributions to CLARB in the licensing process. I’m not sure what others in different situations gain out of it, but for me the only impact it would have is on my wallet.


    The benefits of being a member of ASLA seem pretty limited to me as well. I also do not like supporting a group who sells the “ASLA” suffix to anyone whether they hold licenses and degrees or not while they tell me they are all about elevating the profession.


    I put my money into the local landscape association that is more focussed on training contractors and their help to be more professional and does so. I don’t get a direct benefit, but we have some good contractors in the area and many of them have benefitted from the organization. Having good contractors and an elevated level of professionalism is a benefit to me. It is easy and enjoyable to attend the local meetings and mingle.


    John M. Slinski


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