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    Vicky Kendrick

    Hello there!

    I’m currently working on my final year dissertation project and have imported my CAD file into SketchUp Pro following the steps mentioned in the ‘Google SketchUp for Site Design’ book. So far so good (actually great, as the book has been a great help!) but now I’m wanting to import my objects file (which shows 2D versions of my trees, street furniture etc.) yet it is nowhere to be found in the modeling space. When importingg, a window appears saying it has imported it, yet nothing is there. It’s not under my current model as I’ve checked that already. 

    I was hoping that someone might have a suggestion as to a solution to this problem.


    Chris Whitted

    I have no direct experience with that issue, but a quick search finds the following:

    In particular the section under the beige box.

    Wyatt Thompson, PLA

    Check the Outliner or the Components Browser; your block names should show up in both places if they actually were imported.

    Try zoom extents. The geometry may be located very far from the origin. Did you check or uncheck retain original coordinates?

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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