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    I am working with a client in Walnut Creek, CA to enhance/upgrade/add amenities to an existing bike trail.  We are taking measures to reduce the water consumption, reuse materials, create onsite stormwater drainage measures, etc.  My client is looking to get some sort of recognition for this project, to show their commitment to sustainability.  So, my question to the community, is, can you recommend programs/awards/methods of recognition?

    This might be in the form of 
    • awards/honors
    • certifications
    • great publicity opportunities
    I have considered LEED sustainable sites (still in pilot phase), EPA’s Water Sense, but I am not finding too much else…
    Thoughts much appreciated!
    Cliff See

    hi, i am not too far from Walnut Creek (el Cerrito)… just an idea:
    maybe you can suggest to UC Berkeley extension, which has a program in Sustainability, that high-lighting your project in gallery/classroom environs,,, or in fact suggest UC could have submissions for future competitions… which in effect could increase enrollment to their program.
    just a suggestion… by the way do you have any pics of your project? you could post here on Land 8 -cliff

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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