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    I am hoping someone in here can give me some good tips on where to look for popular and cool garden design shows or trade shows that might be good for a high end residential firm to enter…..

    Anyone have any experience with this or know where to enter or which ones are better than others…..

    I have heard of the Chelsea Garden Show that happens in England every year which is supposed to be phenomenal…..What others are out there in the States….?

    Chantal De Menezes

    In Canada, there is Canada Bloom a garden show in Toronto, very hight end
    And there is Metis International garden festival
    Chelsea seem very cool!
    I have done a garden for Flora international for 2 years. It is a lot of expenses and time and little of return. But it is your credibility and you can invite your clients to visit.
    You do it for things like to promote your self in your news paper, you can get very good pub for free.

    Rich Bensman

    I would highly recommend the International Garden Festival at Chaumont-sur-Loire, France. My firm participated last year and had an amazing experience – it was great to see how 20-odd people all interpret a theme so different from one another. There was a small stipend to build the garden (if you keep it simple you can do it) otherwise you need to locate a sponser. A travel stipend was also included.

    Catherine Bosler

    Hi Rich,
    I think that I remember that a while ago you did send someone some info on habitat bridges…Sorry but, if it is not too inconvinient, can you send it back? Thank you so much!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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