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    Alan Ray, RLA

    Mississippi, Georgia and Alabama have led efforts to ban LEED. Learn why and let us know if you agree at (Image shown is of Perkins+Will’s LEED Platinum headquarters in Atlanta.)


    Yes, because ALL the great progressive ideas that move us forward come out of those states.  Why, just look at how well they are doing with education!


    Sorry, I couldn’t resist.  So much of the news coming out of those states seems to be of this variety.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    another cheap shot at Southerners…

    Try this as a progressive idea:

    Mississippi was the first state in the USA to establish a State supported College for Women.

    Would that be considered a progressive idea?


    Alan Ray, RLA

    Henry, I was responding to Boilerplater’s comment.

    Did you not read the condescending comment he/she made?


    Goustan BODIN

    LEED has several flaws, and many voices claim that standard is not going for enough, but 

     When i read this : “legislative siege with lobbyists from the timber, plastics and chemical industries crying out, “monopoly!”

    then : [these] “various industries that could otherwise aid in the sustainable construction of environmentally-sensitive buildings”.

    I think I understand pretty well where the ban comes from, and lobbyists of all feathers are well known to be overwhelmed with environmental concern. This is not a cheap shot at the southerners, but rather at these industries well known for their altruistic endeavors and eagerness to protect the environment. Just have to smell plastic and chemical factories in your neighborhood to know they will do whatever they can to save a few bucks, even if that means destroy slightly affect what god has given us to rape the environment.

    “alliances such as the Society of Plastics Industry, the American Fuel and Petrochemical Manufacturers and the Society of Chemical Manufacturers and Affiliates”

    all these are well known philanthropists. How come philip morris didnt participate ?

    Mark Di Lucido

    For me, the jury’s still out on LEED, reason being so many “accredited professionals” (certainly not all) don’t walk the talk. I worked at a firm where two AP landscape architects (principals) drove separate cars from the house they shared 15 miles outside of town. What’s the point in saving energy in a building/landscape if we’re spending it frivolously elsewhere? Malcolm Wells, on the other hand, had the right idea 40 years ago when he rediscovered the idea of building houses underground . If we’re serious about energy conservation and not just more letters after our names, this makes more sense.

    Trace One

    they could reduce the speed limit to 55, or even better,  45, and save millions of gallons of gas, as Jimmy Carter had learned in the seventies. A simple step, a stroke of the governors pen, but it can’t be done. that is my easy baby step for proving we are serious about conserving energy.


    Good to see another Malcolm Wells fan on here.  A few years ago, I sought out an earth-covered house he did in Cherry Hill, NJ and actually found it.  Made me a believer.


    It was meant more tongue-in-cheek than condescending.  I made a trip down the “Blues Highway” last fall, and I saw some really inspiring things and some really depressing sights.  Clarksdale was downright scary.

    Ernst Glaeser

    Dear all,

    As a German I was, and never will be, a friend of LEED. From day 1 it was only a money spinner. And it never really, fully hearted, considdered the Landscape Green Industry.

    It was their agressive marketing strategy and the American Administrations sluggish (lobbyistic) response to it. I might be partially wrong here, my 69er European mentality blocks my willingness in understanding American Market systems and functioning.

    ASTM and other norms and regulations leave too much freedom, Leed tried to follow this historic system. R&D was left behind long time ago. Acceptance of these new developments are not considdered. They are blocked by the manufacturers of American products. 

    LEED is not free, not indipendant, they are bias.



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