best type of ornamental grass for urban park (around 3′ ht.)

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    Frank G

    dwarf maiden grass (yaku jima or adagio) is a favorite, but was wondering if you all had any other favorites

    Justin Jackson, RLA

    the muhlenbergia varieties work well in masses, particularly m. capillaris.

    Bill Wilber

    The Adagio Miscanthus you mentioned is a great selection, I am not as familiar with ‘Yaku Jima’. But if your looking for alternatives, try Pennisetum (a.k.a. Fountain Grass) and a smaller variety is known as ‘Hameln’. Or, Calamagrostis x ‘Karl Foerster’ a more upright selection.

    Check out Greanleaf Nurseries website’s product search ( They have pictures and detailed info. about many plants and they have superb quality if your looking to order.

    Stay Creative,


    if we use ornamental grass in urban park, will it increase the maintenance cost?


    warm season grasses that have been using in park for covering the earth surface, can it be called ornamnetal plant? or can it be transformed as ornamental plant…with the help of other landscape element..

    I would like to know what are the criterias of ornamental plant…?

    Andrew Spiering

    Not to my knowledge. It may even reduce the cost as they tend to be low maintenance and require minimal water (some species). Also, I understand that most ornamental grasses only need to be cut back once a year.


    Calamagrostis x ‘Karl Foerster’ looks great, but can get quite tall in some cases.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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