Best vine for full sun trained on wire on concrete wall

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    mark foster

    You may want to consider Japanese honeysuckle.  Loves heat.

    Rob Halpern

    Of course then you have an especially invasive plant to deal with.


    I planted a few at a job 10 years ago, on an east facing wall IIRC.  Picked them up from a retail nursery.  I have no idea how it is now. 

    I don’t see it at any of the san gabriel valley growers, so it isn’t going to get spec’d on any job.  It is available at nurseries that my contractor deems too far away to bother with.

    South facing is always tough.  If I was maintaining, I would try it.  If an uneducated mowblow was my only hope, then good luck.

    bryan turner

    I don’t know if growing vines on fiberglass walls or any stucco products will work, we have this types of exterior walls and I am planning to plant any type of vines that can crawl on the wall surface.


    Crossvine might do, although the texture is a bit coarser than Jessamine and it wants full sun. Bignonia capreolata. It’s native, climbs by twining and with adhesive cups that don’t damage mortar. Flowers are red-orange, and attract hummingbirds. I have it in my yard, and the species performs better than the cultivar I purchased at the local university plant sale a few years back, fyi. 

    Another suggestion would be Clematis armandii, although it prefers more shade, especially on its base. It is beautiful, the leaves are elongated, bigger than the crossvine, and elegant even when the plant is not in flower. I’ve never grown it, but have heard it can take a few years to establish, and then if it’s happy, will really fill in. It’s not native, however, so you lose that. Good luck! Have fun!!

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)
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