City of the future?

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    Leslie B Wagle

    At least these concepts seem to need some landscape architects, but it seems there will be no private spaces. I wonder if the dwellers will be required to do some maintenance, or will robots have taken over that by then?

    (let video load)


    Trace One

    Architects are never good with ‘existing conditions”, are they?

    I really like his ‘most people don’t know how to live’ attitude. Not. 


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    I’m glad that someone knows how everyone else wants to live. The part that is left out is that the people that have the money to truly do what they want to do might live there, but they’ll want their ocean front McMansion on Cape Cod, their ski chalet in Vermont, and their condo in a Florida golf course community as well. … that is what people in New York City do while on the planners tell us that living in the down town core is so easy on the environment.




    Leslie B Wagle

    Yep to both comments. It did strike me as HIS IDEAL for humanity. Neat and hive-like with everybody going back to their “bee cells” when not strolling around work-less, and writing all those plays. No recognition of how work is a source of, not only threat to, meaning in life. As for recreation….no place for the guy in his pickup who wants to go fishin’ in the original real world, no messy hobbies where you need a shed, no kids in the woods for sure. And even further removal from scenes that offer at least a basic exposure to agriculture, which you can at least still find at the edges of ‘primitive’ cities.

    What struck me most about the attitude was its notion of “build it and they will conform.” Er, wouldn’t you need CONSENT of the whole – or huge part of – society to even begin? Maybe he envisions little volunteer start up examples that are so wonderful that the idea spreads. But try cramming regular garden variety humanity into something like that and I’d be willing to bet divisions and maybe even turf battles etc. would break out from “pod” to “pod.” It’s not just resource issues that divide people, after all. Would that glorious architecture “homogenize” all the languages, cooking smells, music intrusions….(evil laugh)?


    Goustan BODIN

    in the 1 minute i watched this before feeling i was wasting time, I saw lots of concrete, old modernist ideas such as separation of transportation networks from almost a century ago (Le Corbusier & such), dead looking images, and nothing to make me feel like i belong there.

    isnt it time that guy retires ?


    Roland Beinert

    Another modernist vision filled with pretty pictures of how the city should work. Futurama without the cars.

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