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    Brandon Hanna

    Does anyone think a clarb council record is worth the yearly fees? I am a RLA in CA and needed to sign up for a clarb council record to get licensure in Nevada and paid almost $400 for a activation fee and yearly membership fee. Does anyone do anything with their clarb council record for marketing or advertising?

    Kevin Reff

    While I am a member of CLARB, I cannot recommend them unless you anticipate working in a number of different States. IMHO, they have a monopoly on the LA licensure program. You can frequently obtain reciprocity/comity in other States if you’re willing to fill out the paperwork and pay the required fees. This does take more time, but it is another option.

    Once I let my CLARB registration lapse for several years. In order to reinstate my account, I was required to pay for the three prior years. (This may have changed. I haven’t checked recently).

    If you do need registration in other States, I would recommend bumming your fees a little to cover these “extra” charges. I have never used my CLARB account for anything other than obtaining registration in another state.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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