Client wants to sue over weeds in plant bed?

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    Craig Anthony


    Chris Roma, RLA

    Hi Alan,

    I’m a registered landscape architect in Pittsburgh, PA and owner of a landscape architectural design-build firm. It sounds like you did everything you should have and performed in a completely professional manner. As difficult as these situations can be, try not to¬†engage this person in any further discussion or¬†debate.¬†It sounds like this guy was told he would have weeds no matter what, as any good pro would, and is just using threats to get something for¬†nothing (free maintenance). If he is that cheap, he will probably give up when his legal council tells him that he has¬†no case or wants to charge a legal fee. If it goes further (a big if !) it will be laughed out of court.

    I wonder if this is client creates these kinds of problems for other service providers that have worked for him. How well do you know the installer? Рwhere you on-site to know for sure if he applied preemergent under the mulch? If preemergent was not installed Рthis can happen with unsupervised crews in design-bid and design-build. If the preemergent was installed, the client might be exagerating his claim.

    Has¬†your client only expected the fantasy of no weeds and¬†not have been difficult in any other way?¬†Have we all run¬†into¬†one or several clients that have a distrusting, “expect it all” mentality? –¬†great design for a low fee,¬†top quality¬†installation from the¬†low bid,¬†specs that will control and take responsibility for unsupervised installers, the right to¬†renegotiate or not pay a final payment – payment invoices for lump sum contracts! (I just provide receipts of their payments to me),¬†asking for¬†freebies and the ability to control nature¬†with zero maintenance and no weeds.


Viewing 2 posts - 31 through 32 (of 32 total)
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