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    Jason T. Radice

    The problem with group insurance is that you can only do it on the the state level, and usually through some kind of recognized corporation (I don’t know if they would recognize some kind of co-op or group buy). You cannot purchase health care across state lines, so it doesn’t make sense for National ASLA to try to offer it. It is is the ONLY product that is regulated in such a fashion. They ought to make it like car insurance. Many states also limit the amount of insurance providers by region from three to five. That’s why one state can have five separate BlueCross/BlueSheild plans, so even a state-wide plan might be difficult to provide.   


    Tonie, Don’t agree too much! The health insurance suggestion is, well, won’t work. Read Jason’s comment below. Otherwise, State of New Mexico would get a huge surge for health insurance. Good thing I read everyone’s comment before responding and thus, avoiding repeating verbiage.

    To the post: I am a RLA and not a member of ASLA. Never been one and never will be one. I guess there goes my chances of a Fellowship…someday, ohh well. Boohoo! ASLA has always been a joke to me!

    Tanya Olson

    Its a racket, thats for sure, and makes no sense. Our car insurance is out of TX, our liability from somewhere on the east coast. I am (perhaps mistakenly) under the impression that the new health care reform, if its sticks, will allow interstate health insurance… 

    Tosh K

    I looked into getting my insurance through ASCE at one point, wasn’t much cheaper than getting it privately at the time.  Granted they have a lot more members and therefore more financial and political clout ( 

    The state ASLA chapters for me have always been a strong connection to the national, providing seminars and tours that enable contact with many peers a few years ahead helps in the “mentoring” process.  So many firms are too small to have an effective network internally but having a larger pool helps overall career mentoring.

    One suggestion may be for ASLA to build stronger connections to emerging professional/younger member groups in other related professional organizations (ASCE/AIA/USGBC/CSI/AfH).  A low-cost “entering the workforce” seminar to students could be helpful too (insurance, 401k/IRA, continuing ed, etc aren’t topics well covered in schools)

    Jason T. Radice

    The law that passed DOES NOT allow for intertstate commerce with private heath insurance. If you ain’t got it, you have to buy it right from the the government “pool”, which is still not totally defined.

    michael damico

    Instead of having to read the legal document as to how to obtain licensure, how about a lay-man’s explanation as to the process. Presenting the possible routes to obtaining the license, what you can then do with it. How long before I can open my own business? What other options do I have until then? What else could I do if I can’t find employment with a firm? What firms should I focus on (LA > Arch/Planning/Engineering/Surveying, etc.) after the LA firms if I can’t find a job with them? 

    As a graduate in 2009, I have personally focused on maintenance and construction and have had no supervision and any ‘mentoring’ as to possibilities as to avenues with my MLA. I think just basics is a good place to start for the ASLA. The job posting is nice, but I can’t afford a membership just to post my resume and keep my fingers crossed.

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)
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