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    Peter Briggs

    Each year the Canadian Society of Landscape Architects sponsors a poster competition in honour of World Landscape Architecture Month (April). The winning design is distributed across Canada to our component associations, schools, members and professional offices, and to public governments and organizations.


    The contest is open to students of landscape architecture programs in Canada, and young Canadian professionals. Please share this invitation with friends and colleagues.

    This year’s theme:
    “Urban Forests for our Future”. The United Nations has declared 2011 the Year of Forests. In our increasingly urban environments, how will landscape architecture integrate forests into our cities in the future?

    Deadline: Extended to March 18, 2011.

    Prize: $1000!

    Chances of winning: Extremely low if you don’t enter.


    Details: http://http://goo.gl/q1RPm

    Alan Ray, RLA

    This is a closed compettition????

    Why post this here???

    Peter Briggs

    Our apologies that it is for Canadians/Canadian Residents only. The reason for posting here is that Land8Lounge is international in scope, and a good way to reach those that meet that requirement. We hope if you know any of them, you’d direct them to it. One of the competition goals is to support the development of the profession in Canada, so we are targeting that audience… especially trying to encourage/support/showcase students at the Canadian Universities with related programs. We’ve had some great winners in the past if anyone is interested in seeing them: http://www.csla.ca/en/wlam-poster


    Again… apologies that we do have limitations on who can enter, but we hope you’ll understand the reasoning…


    I’d like to submit a blank sheet representing all the Landscape Architects being erased from the workforce.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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