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    David Barbarash

    I have a specific software question/need but feel free to let this evolve into a discussion on D.A.M. software.


    I am looking to catalog an extensive library of scanned images, diagrams, and tables from books. I all ready use reference software (EndNote) to handle citations but would like an image manager as well. I’m specifically looking for something that will let me assign keywords and a description to an image, as well as a few extra blank fields, and let me search and browse them easily. I have used Adobe Bridge, ACDSee, and a few other photography based D.A.M. but am sick of digging through tons of EXIF data fields to find the descriptions and captions for an image. I’d like something that lets me view images in a Bridge-like grid format, but have an option to view a single image AND a few fields underneath (Author, Book source, Caption, My notes, etc.). If I knew how to program Microsoft Access I suppose I could try that but don’t have the time (or the will) right now. Any ideas?


    Having said that, I’m a big fan of Bridge to handle my 3D/Photoshop component and material library despite its occasional keywording annoyances.


    Dave B.

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