Does anyone on here have an Industrial Design background?

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    Matt Ewert

    I am interested in Industrial design as well as landscape architecture and was curious if anyone has any experience in this realm. I love all things design and would really love to learn more about Industrial Design. I was unsure if others might have some experiences they can share with this background.


    Hey Matt –

    Check out Liat Margolis – She was teaching at Harvard and I believe is moving to Toronto… She also co-authored the recent book – Living Systems… Perhaps you’ve seen it?

    Let me know if you want to know where to find a bit more.

    Hope things are well – peace love and hockey my friend.

    Thomas Jump

    My wife graduated with a BS in Industrial Design and a minor in Interior Design. She has spent most of her career in systems furniture, space planning and interior design. We went to college together many years ago so I remember some of her projects and courses that she took. She has never worked at a firm that does purely industrial design (if there is such a thing). At one point she was interested in a local company here called Monigle & Assoc. who does alot of “environmental branding” for corporate clients. They are still around- google them for more info. Of course product design is a big part of that field too and there is plenty of info out there on that. Good luck with it.

    Bernd Hildebrandt

    Hello Matt,
    An aspect of Industrial design that crosses over with landscape arch. is exhibit design, especially as it applies to heritage installations. Exhibits have similar spatial and human concerns.
    Also check a great group at SEGD – Society of Environmental Graphic Designers for an excellent overview of how broad that field actually is. (I came at it from the ID side, am very involved in museum exhibits and am now also getting more exterior installation work.) Cheers, Bernd

    Guy Stivers

    Matt: Drew recommends a good source. All serious Industrial Design is based on nature. Evolution has worked out the bugs. All we got to do is copy it.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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