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    Gasper Habjanic

    Here’s a video from a channel I started on drawing Landscape Architecture. Would appreciate your comments an opinions!



    Trace One

    I think your little videos on how to draw landscape are excellent. Good job. One thought, you are more talking about drawing landscape –  the challenge for a Landscape designer is to render a proposed landscape design as accurately as possible. It is sort of a different thing than what you are doing, although the drawing skills you demonstrate are useful. It is interesting to me also that you seem to ignore some of the Mike Lin rules a lot of us have memorized – ‘hit go hit’ with the pencil, (enunciating the beginning and end of each line), ‘fuzzy line’ , some others I forget… You do use his ,”Use all colors everywhere” when you do your coloring..

    Very nice videos,tho.


    Gasper Habjanic


    Thank you! I must agree with you – I talk about drawing our environment, not proposed projects. But I call it “drawing landscape architecture” since it is a object of our interest as landscape architects. I believe we need both skills: ability to represent our work and the baility to record our thoughts of our sorroundings through sketching. I am considering to start uploading videos of representational drawings as well.

    Regaring Mike Lin, I admit I didn’t know his work before, but looked it up and find it very interesting!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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