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    Edward Flaherty

    This past May 2013, I wrote a small Digital Technology piece for ASLA online, The Field, entitled Digital Sandbox: A New Mentoring Paradigm?

    In that piece, I used a fictional story as a format to generate questions and answers from students of landscape architecture about the post graduate world of professional landscape architecture.

    The idea being to:
    1. Give students a format to take what they want, when they want; and,
    2. Be available online anytime the students have questions.

    The story itself needs to be rich and fast moving with plenty of landscape architecture professional project content, both office and field. I think it is.  

    Look at the trailer below and tell me if you think it serves the purpose by providing enough material on professional office and field work to have good discussion with students of landscape architecture. If the trailer does not load, use this link.

    <iframe width=”492″ height=”277″ src=”//″ frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

    Edward Flaherty

    PS Most of you know me; but for others here is a link to my summary professional experience:

    Trace One

    Seems ok, Edward, but as an eternal student, my favorite into to the art was by our geology professor, Giegengack, telling us stories of notorious and hilarious failures, mostly by the Army Corps of Engineers. The second most interesting presentation was Sir Peter Shepherds slide shows on design details, aboslutely magical presentations full of fascinating true-life stories. So your presentation, for my book, lacks a sense of humor, and sets a sort of overly wondering and fantastical tone. Real life details and laughing are what always grabbed me. Students are a cynical lot, as far as I know.

    Edward Flaherty

    I hear you, Trace One…when I went to school, the stuff they presented about project process, project management, construction management was the driest, least interesting.  

    When I actually starting doing that work, I found it dynamic and challenging.  It is that part of our work upon which I focus The 23 Club story.

    …oh, and there is some humor…it emerges here and there to keep it light.  It is like building a major project in a foreign country with foreign rules.  You need the laughs just to get by!  That’s life. 🙂

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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