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    Kellye Hilde


    The Washington Chapter of ASLA is currently wrapping up planning for the 2009 WASLA Conference, Engaging Change: A Green(er) Perspective. I am hosing a session called You’re Hired: How to Stand out in the Crowd and would like your input. What are you’re questions to professionals on how to standout? What are you questions about getting hired? What are you questions???? The panel is made up of 6 professionals that will be answering honestly on the current market and what makes up a great new hire.

    Your feedback would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks, Kellye


    Hi, I’m a Portuguese LA and I spent a couple of months in the US last year (November and December). While I was there I tried to apply for a few positions in some offices in Seattle and San Francisco. I have some professional experience and a good portfolio and most people I talked to really seemed to like me and were very eager to hire… But…

    I’m back to Portugal for two reasons… The main one was the spreading of economical and financial instability to the entire country and now, world, which dictated the turning, from hiring to laying off people, in the majority of LA offices.
    The second one was the skeptical reaction of some companies regarding my foreigner condition. I even had a company to where I went saying right way, that they would hired me if I didn’t need a visa sponsorship.

    So my experience wasn’t the best as the scenario couldn’t be worst! But I’ll try again in the future…

    Regarding your question, I can mention my insight from Portugal. Hiring people involves a lot of different situations. But it pretty much comes down to one thing “timing”… If you’re lucky enough to have your resume on the top of the pile when that company needs someone you’re almost for sure the chosen one. Because most employers don’t even give themselves the effort of reading the applications! It’s sad but it’s true and I’ve witnessed a lot of it.

    I hope this can be helpful for your presentation.

    Guy Stivers

    Hi Kellye, to the potential hire:

    Can you identify three projects that our firm has done that truely impress you and why? Go ahead lay it on thick ! ! !

    What community or environmental non-profits have you worked for? What was your “scope of work”?

    While working at the non-profits what famous personalities, public officials, CEO’s, agency Directors, board members did you meet and have an opportunity to work with ?

    What are the five most pressing environmental issues in the region (firm’s service area) ?

    How much money do you want?

    Optional: What have you done for me lately? Why do you want to work for me? Can you make the coffee?

    Guy Stivers an old-timer at hiring

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