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    Xpat Larki

    Anybody here had a chance to work on a project wherein a Feng Shui Consultant was involved by the Client in the design process? Commercial projects in particular?


    Any thoughts would be appreciated.

    Chris Whitted

    I did, but it was ten years ago when I was just starting out and I don’t recall all that much detail.  The project was a car dealership renovation involving both architectural expansion/redesign and some landscape/display features.  I know we met with her once, but I don’t really remember her having any real feedback or changes for our design; her involvement was mostly interiors and the showroom.  I seem to recall there being some (expected?) skeptical and derisive sentiments from those of us on the project, but that she was a Nice Person (TM) and in the absence of any real conflict anything she had suggested or required was simply worked into the design constraints. It may have been a little different for the architects.

    Is there some particular aspect of involvement you’re looking for thoughts on?  Justifying bringing one on board or not?  How to deal with one?  More specifics might increase your responses.  I’d have sworn this topic had been discussed before, but searching isn’t turning up anything.

    mark foster

    I have worked with a few. I even worked with an ayurvedic practicioner once.  Overall, I had good experiences and learned a few things, but I found the principles a little too rigid–It can get a little frustrating when one of their do’s or don’ts conflict with common sense space planning.

    I remember one instance where the consultant was adamant that a stream we were to construct should run left to right as viewed from the back of the building–except that the land happened to fall right to left.  Hard to get water to flow uphill….

    I suggest you keep an open mind, but let the client know that you are the one in charge when it comes to how things fit on the land (not to mention health, safety, and welfare).

    Xpat Larki

    Thanks to both replies.

    It was actually more about dealing with one as the Client has already approved my layout. There was just some ‘wiseguys’ whom he has met and who suggested on having feng shui experts on board to audit the plan to guarantee if the good kind of “chi” shall be flowing in and around the complex based on my proposal. It’s an office, hotel and shopping complex and definitely, the Client wants to make sure that money flows back in. 🙂


    Perhaps, I should just show some of my lovin’ “yin” to the experts if they turn on all “yang” on me. 🙂


    Thanks again for the feedback.

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