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    we are looking at taking on a project involving the restoration of a forested area about 5 acres that was burned. We know a bit about restoration management and should be a quick study on the process.

    QUESTION: any of you out there have any experiences in this area? Would appreciate your comments and suggestions.

    Mike Tupa

    Your gonna need to know elevation, orientation, location, vegetation (ecotone), slope, nutrient in the remaining soil, and native seeds on the ground, and condition of the disturbed land. If it’s just burned then there are still significant nutrients and seeds in the top soil and you will only need to stabilize the soil. If it’s already eroded then you’ll need to stabilize the soil, get grasses up and growing and then start trees with shrub understory. Also, is the burned lumber still on the site or did they remove it as well? Need more information.


    I would think first in avoiding the erosion. You can use straw bales in the water lines or some thing similar.

    Then, you can think in the vegetation. You have two ways, first let it recover by it self, or you can try to replace the existing vegetation by hidro-seeding or some thing else in the end of the summer or in the autumn.

    This is just a first intervention, for healing the effects of the fire.

    Bob Luther

    where is the project?


    Dear Fellows, thanks for your reply. The situation will be handled by non-professional people for the time being. We are on standby in case something happens such as a landslide. Sadly we will wait for the cows to get out of the pasture and then close the gate. Mike you are right down the middle on your approach. Appreciate it. Andrew I agree with you. However, if a revegetation period plan is not in place to control unwanted vegetation the unwanteds will win the battle and then you have 5 acres of wasteland. Andrew your question about intervention is well received. The answer is the property is worth about $500,00.00 as it is inside a very upscale golf and country club know as Lake Toxaway in the App mountains of western North Carolina. That answers you question Bob. Thanks. Joao, thanks. Your advise is well take. Your approach is the triage method of first response. If we move onto the job I will get back to the 4 of you. Thanks so very much. Sherman Runions, ASLA Dan Lindsay, ASLA

    Bob Luther

    good luck and hopefully the powers that be will come to there senses and hire a professional.

    J. Waldron, RLA


    It may be a good idea to look through the US Forest Service Landscape Management Series, Volumes I and II (these were publications from a while ago so I’m sure there are updated texts.), Chaper 5 is on Timber and Chapter 6 is on Fire.

    They also have a publication called forest landscape analysis and design.


    Thanks very much.

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