Garden of life and death

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    Garden of life and death.
    I don’t know if people are more afraid of life or death. I watch life and death every day. I see the beauty of passing away and the annual bloom of life. In passing I see life that brings a new chance. I see clues in the annual cycle.
    My idea was to design a garden showing the beauty of extremes in a metaphorical way.
    Black and dead trees sibolize death.
    Stones and steel are to symbolize the constancy and immutability of elements existing in nature.
    Water, low grasses and perennials show the eternal renewal of natural forces.
    Between them is a space symbolizing the chances of every living being who can fill the void.
    Open windows invite us inside. It’s an invitation to life. It welcomes us with open arms.
    5 steps, it’s 5 stages of life. Childhood, youth, motherhood, maturity and old age. Walls are a symbol of the limitations that life brings. We have a specific time frame in which we live.
    Vertical panels made of steel and black wood, show our desires. Lofty, soaring and dominant.
    Trees behind the wall are places in the world that we will never see.
    Fill space, be here and now.
    The black, bent wall is supposed to resemble the finale. In the metal surface, we do not see our reflection in it directly. We see unknown shapes and forms in a slightly polished surface. The mirror reflection gives us a vague promise.
    We know perfectly well that we stick to this promise. Whatever it is, it gives us hope.
    There are two chairs on the square flattening.
    I deliberately chose the Wassily chairs designed by Marcel Breuer … The act of creating, something out of nothing is a miracle in itself. The great advantage of man is the power of creation. Praise him for that.
    One place is for you and the other is for your soul mate.
    Do not be afraid of a skull with antlers. It’s just a steel imitation ­čÖé It’s also a symbol. Maybe life and death are just a mystification?

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