Global (well international, at least) Plant Procurement?

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    Rob Halpern

    I am working on a couple of non-USA projects that will use plants from tropical Africa (forest and savanna), Asian tropical forests, assorted Mediterranean areas, Australia, South Africa, Mexico and elsewhere. Big projects. Thousands of plants. Big trees needed.

    Does anyone know someone(s) capable to doing a global search and arranging delivery, even setting up nurseries, etc?



    András Béla Oláh

    This reminds me the new zoo in Paris 🙂 models of a lot of different bioms and their necessary plants 🙂 May be ask them how they got their plants. 🙂


    Rob Halpern

    Thank-you András,
    They are using plants hardy around Paris. I will need tender tropical trees, etc (huge Khaya, Shorea, etc.)


    Trace One

    Edwina Von Gal did a design for a museum in Panama with Gehry – you could look her up – nice lady, may know what you are dealing with..she is very hands-on…
    Please make sure you are not collecting illegally, I am sure that goes without saying..


    Rob Halpern

    Thank-you…and yes, it does

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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