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    Robert Sch├Ąfer

    I understand and I heard this argument while attending the (expensive) ASLA meeting just now. How much is a mediocre hotel room per night? How much do you pay for a dinner for two in a reasonable restaurant?
    Exactly! tip ­čśë
    So, should culture, and I see books and journals as part of culture, be delivered for free? A rhetorical question, for sure.
    The US market is spoiled because the amount of advertising allows low prices for journals. Depending on ads is unconvenient, see LAM.

    Trace One

    Mr. Schafer,
    That attitude towards criticism sounds like Obama politics – he has to be more right, otherwise he will loose his ‘base.’
    That is the wrong idea. I think well-articulated criticism will garner you an audience.
    Go for the criticism – I think the profession could use some serious writers..I think the High Line has some really shaky aspects to it..
    And as for Turenscape, if this enourmous construction organization gets state subsidies, and wins prizes from juries that refuse to utter critical words, why should I care? I am busy trying to keep four miles of irrigation pipe in the desert from being replaced.
    So, sorry I did not know who Dr. Yu was.
    Your amusing and unafraid english spelling and grammar have made up for the insult.

    Robert Sch├Ąfer

    oh, i must have missed the insult ­čśë

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)
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