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    Ryan Sand

    Does anyone have any good recommendations for a School that offers a Masters in a field similar to Landscape Architecture (or LA is acceptable), with a program that focuses on Social function of the landscape as well as Ecology.  I already have my BSLA and am passionate mainly about the role of the landscape in the social/community concern realm.


    I understand Walter Hood as one main designer with such a focus and he is at Berkley.  Anyone else have any other ideas?


    Maybe this is a good chance to share even just the grad school you went to and what the focus was.

    (ex.: Colorado State University BSLA = development of conceptual design and production expression)



    McHarg + Corner.

    Tosh K

    UC Berkley (Walter is definitely awesome – had him in a couple of reviews) and U of MN are particularly keen on social aspects.

    I went to UVA and they do a good mix of ecological design (recently thru our new chair Kristina Hill) and have had a strong social function emphasis throughout.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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