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    Gavin Zeitz

    Hi All, 

    I am trying to decide on where to attend Grad School and was hoping to hear what people think. I have been accepted to / choosing from UWashington, RISD, and CCNY. I’m hoping to hear what people thinking of these three schools. I have read many other forum posts on the subject, but haven’t seen much that was recently posted.  Iam leaning towards going to RISD because of the creative atmosphere of the school, a generous scholarship (22k/yr) and proximity to my home in Maine. Though I am also intrigued by CCNY and living in NYC because I am interested in landscape in the urban environment, though I haven’t been able to find too much out about that program. UWashington sounds great but is very far away from friends + family, however I am interested in the prospect of earning a dual M.Arch/L.Arch degree. I plan to visit at least RISD and CCNY, but would love to hear some people’s opinions in the mean time. Thanks!

    Tosh K

    A lot depends on what you want to do after graduation.  I’ve worked with a few people from CCNY – the program is solid and current (dealing with sea level rise in NYC, etc and well versed in the big picture while also understanding solid skill set of construction and software -critical to be employable after graduation in a LA practice-).  I recall UW was heavily on the construction side (though with a pretty strong ecology element).  RISD, is set within an art school.  current student work is a good indication of where the school is and looking at where their alumni typically end up may also help.  One other aspect (however minor) is access to other fields – it’s sometimes helpful to have engineering/environmental science/psychology/etc faculty available when working in advanced studios/coursework, and if you’re proactive it’s more intellectually stimulating to have that variety of other grad students around.

    Also, be very clear about a dual-degree, it’s fun but the cost is not easily justified for many (I have a dual, and the debt is nearly crippling for a newly grad; having had some work experience, it’s a bit more manageable).

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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