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    hello everyone!! i need help in identifying a couple of grass species…I saw these grasses in Bali and recently in SHMA’s website…Can someone please help identify the following:

    1.) grass 01

    2.)grass 02

    thank you so much

    Goustan BODIN

    You send the same link twice, and I must shamefully admit, I don’t know this one ! 

    Please send another link to give me a second chance at guessing 🙂


    Im so sorry for posting the same link….here is the first one :

    Thank you so much for taking the time in answering my query

    Rob Halpern

    Appears to be a species of pennisetum. Perhaps one of the running species rather than the clumpers, but can’t tell for sure from phots

    Goustan BODIN

    Good eye, Rob !

    It’s Pennisetum Alopecuroides, comes in clumps.

    It’s red cousin is Pennisetum setaceum, cv. ‘Rubrum’ (same aspect, bronze red color)

    Both available in the US if I’m not mistaken.

    Rob Halpern

    Thanks, but I am not convinced it is P. Alopecuroides. .Pennisetum orientale  maybe? P. macrourum ?

    Goustan BODIN

    I like these grasses, and in my books it was pictured as P. alopecuroides. But you made me doubt the book (local books not so trustworthy), I had to search the answer and turned to my favorite site: wikipedia.

    Pennisetum alopecuroides actually looks like the grass in the first 2 links

    Pennisetum setaceum should be the right one 

    Pennisetum orientale I’ve never seen it. As far as I know not available here.

    Pennisetum macrourum Had never heard of it. As far as I know not available here.

    It’s always good to learn more about plants (especially nice looking grasses ^^ ), thanks guys !


    Thank you so much!! I love grasses , i think they are very much under-utilized here (philippines)…and im doing a mini research on emergent grass species for my masters

    Goustan BODIN

    Here in Thailand you couldn’t find a single one up until roughly 5 yrs ago. Now the trend caught up and you see them everywhere. There is a new one popping-up every year or so. I believe the trend should spread with the same speed in the Philipines : seeing is believing.

    Rob Halpern

    There are many beautiful Pennisetums but one must be careful in the tropics where some have become invasive pest species.

    The grass in the first two links is not, I think, a Pennisetum. Flower seems all wrong. Perhaps a species of Calamagrostis?

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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