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    Hello guys i need information about green walls!!!!! Can anyone help me???????

    Gavin Walsh

    Sure can! What do you need to know?


    Whatever you can send me!! I have to do a work for my degree!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Gavin Walsh

    Well there’s a bunch of different systems out there. The famous Patrick Blanc system uses PVC sheets with felt stapled to them. Slits are cut in the first layer of felt but not the second. Each plant is placed into the slit and then staples are put around the plant roots to form a pocket.
    That’s just one system, but there’s also greenwall panels and greenwall planters. They both make the vertical gardening system a bit easier to adjust to. The reason being is they hold the dirt inside the panel or pocket, and you stick the plant in just as you would a regular planter. Then, what can grow in a planter in your climate will grow in these greenwall planters typically speaking. If you want to see a bunch of different designs and pictures, my site is and it’s dedicated strictly to green walls.


    Thank you very much. I think that you can help me if I need anything else!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Felicity Waters

    hi there – i keep a few blogs and write about green walls as well – check out the following articles – part of your critique should include the maintenance issues – there is a famous green wall here in London that died in Islington at Paradise Park- it looked fab when it first opened and it is now dead!- its often referred to as the ‘living wall is dead’ – I do a little review on this in the following article – however do a goggle search for more info

    vertical gardens

    also many shopping centers in the UK are now catching onto the green wall trend and I discuss this in the following article as well as give a host of other bogs that have more information on green walls

    Like Gavin I also sell the Woolly Pocket system (me in the UK – he is in Canada) which is great for allowing people to create their own green wall system at home. The Pockets are made from recycled plastic and hold pockets of soil to the wall. They are lined thereby preventing moisture transferring to the wall.

    When doing a google search on green walls also use the follwoing terms: vertical gardens, living walls, bio-walls (slightly different)


    thanks for your help guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    hi, take a look to these links

    if u need more informations or technical details just tell me in private message

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