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    Any Guerrilla’s out there willing to share some LA-related low cost marketing and advertising strategies or ideas (that worked)?

    If you’re not familiar, Guerrilla Marketing is a term coined by Jay Levinson basically aimed at outlining low-cost and highly effective marketing strategies geared primarily for small businesses and startups.

    Adam McGovern

    I don’t know how “highly effective” it is yet, but the social networking trend seems to be one avenue that a lot of people are turning to. Facebook in particular. It basically can serve as your website for your business, but it has the viral capacity built into it that can cause a snowball effect in terms of page views/interactions. I made a facebook page for my company, and within just a few weeks, we had several hundred “fans” or the equivalent of a “follower” on Twitter. I’m not sure yet what direct impact on business and sales that the page has had, but it certainly hasn’t hurt anything.


    I think it works if you have the right kind of friends in your network to begin with. In other words, it’s difficult for a lot of students to market themselves through facebook and the like because their network is filled with peers. I have found though that by maintaining a website in conjunction with participation on social network sites you can increase traffic to your site.

    I’m particulalry looking for anyone who has created a very succesful mailer, newspaper ad, written a newsletter article, signage, etc. which showed returns relatively quickly in terms of landing a job or project.

    I think facebook, twitter, linkedin, land8 help give your name a better presence on the internet, but what are some cost-effective ways to drive them to look for you?

    Matthew E Wilson

    Sure. Tell me a little more about your unique selling proposition that differentiates you from your competitors? Who is your target client? Why do your clients purchase your services? You get the idea. You cannot start an effective gorilla marketing campaign until the service that you offer and your ‘ideal’ client is understood completely.

    Juanita Salisbury

    I think all of the replies so far really outline some great strategies to use technology and network.

    I don’t know if I am Guerrilla or not, although I like to think of myself as a very ingenious primate.

    That being said, what worked for me–and led to 2 jobs– was getting my picture on the front page of the Marin IJ on Labor Day. Stories about people who had started their own businesses in this economy.

    There’s nothing like a good story about the local labor force, especially if you are upbeat and positive.

    Another strategy is to go to FREE STUFF like trade shows, lectures, alumni receptions, etc. and network. It may not lead right to a job, but being out there at these events makes you different from your competitors, assuming they’re not at the same event.

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