Handling Frustration at Work – How do YOU do it?

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    Thomas J. Johnson

    Everybody gets frustrated at work from time to time. Maybe it’s a computer meltdown, communication breakdown, deadline-madness, general FUBARness…

    Personally, I like to take a few deep breaths. If that doesn’t do the trick, I’ll take a five minute walk around the block to get some fresh air and clear the mind. One time, after working for 28 hours straight, I went for a run at lunch because I couldn’t sit still any longer… one of my co-workers claimed that he liked to go outside and throw an empty pop-bottle at the wall until he felt better (though I never witnessed it).

    So, how do you handle frustration at work? What works and what doesn’t? If frustrated with a co-worker, do you talk to them first or do you go around them and talk to their supervisor/hr? Any good stories of work-place melt-downs?

    This video is “Not Safe For Work”, at least most work places… this guy has a very low F-bomb threshold… which is probably pretty hilarious if you’re his film crew…


    Theodore Tegen

    Computer meltdown – I don’t get frustrated, since nothing can be done about it.  I just shake my head and get cracking on redrawing whatever data was lost.  In the future I become more diligent about hitting that control+s.

    Deadline madness – I can’t get frustrated if it’s my fault that I am hurrying near a deadline.  If it’s a superior’s fault that we are rushing at the deadline (e.g. changing something at the last minute) I generally vent to my co-workers, who are generally just as frustrated.  Then get to it.

    Communication breakdown – I would never go around them to a supervisor, unless it’s a consistent issue.  Going around someone to a superior shows a lack of communication skills on one’s part as well as a general lack of respect for the other party.


    I tend to think to myself – “I’ve got a steady job at a great company, so these little hiccups are inconsequential in the bigger picture.”  Things can always be worse!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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