Have you seen the LA tee shirt w/ the stupid slogan?

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    Pete Pedersen

    It’s odd to me how some LAs think they are over qualified to design some one’s garden.  The truth of the matter is a fine scaled residential garden is like swiss watch.  You are typically making the most of very limited space. If anything many LAs may be under-qualified to do it well. Its as if the King has no clothes.  No wonder people have a skewed understanding of what a landscape architect is…it seems many landscape architects do as well.

    Alan Ray, RLA

    well said, Pete.


    Matthew Stubbs

    It should say “I’m a Landscape Architect and I won’t mow your yard” can’t tell you how many people I met over the years that think I mow yards for a living.

    Pete Pedersen

    Oh my, that is perfect!


    I’ll mow your lawn and trim your hedges and call myself a Landscape Maintenance Contractor before I’d reduce my design fee and be a discount LA.

    Oh, not saying you’re one Matthew.


    It seems to come from an attitude that landscape design is more than simply “making gardens,” and though the t-shirt’s messaging has a certain skewed perspective and an arrogant tone, I’m understanding it as an attempt to assert landscape design’s broader relevance in people’s lives and in daily culture.

    lee abramson

    Fears to those wanting this kind of service if they deal with this company that have this such slogan. I don’t see any value and friendly representation of this stuff. Unless it is typo error, for sure this is made by a competitors in this field that is very much far behind to success. Certainly a discrediting slogan to destroy others business, I am sick of this idea.

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Viewing 7 posts - 16 through 22 (of 22 total)
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