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    Tom Klein

    Hello everyone,

    I am beginning my first semester as an MLA student at Boston Architectural College and am really excited to take my background in sustainability and social entrepreneurship and develop the skills to become a landscape architect. 

    I have earned a graduate certificate in Natural Resource Management and Sustainable Ecosystems from Harvard and am enrolled in a Permaculture Design Certificate (one weekend per month) for this spring. I am familiar with and have some experience with AutoCAD and Adobe Creative Suite, but that is where my software knowledge ends. 

    Any advice for websites or email lists to subscribe to, magazines, or any other learning opportunities I should check out? I am located in Boston.

    Tosh K

    Be involved in the local ASLA, and look into allied fields (arborists, nurseries, landscape contractors, architects, engineers, ecologists, etc)

    publications: Landscape Architecture Magazine, World Landscape Architecture, Journal of Landscape Architecture, Topos, various school’s publications – these should be all available in your school’s library (WLA may be digital only)

    Mark Di Lucido

    Planetizen has a large selection of online, inexpensive, short courses on planning topics and software apps but also much relevant stuff for LAs. Another site I like is deeproot http://www.deeproot.com/blog/ Though a commercial blog, they have relevant and researched articles on green infrastructure.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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