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    Borden Edgerton

    I have come across some interesting projects while working in China, and low and behold another has crossed my path. We have a client who has worked up a large community housing and business area based around health and well-being services. When I think of this a resort or spa retreat comes to mind, however these are typically a destination attraction. You go for a small getaway for a week or more and then return home. 

    Here is where this is different. They are desiring a community of permanent residents to stay here and own the homes and live here. They are trying to cater this housing development to 2 adjacent business developments, so my assumption is that some people will commute to work in the adjacent business districts, while some will be employed in the development itself (spas and resort amenities.) 

    While the ethicacy of such a development is of course in question, my main question is concerning case studies. Does anyone know of anything remotely resembling this in the western world? Part of the task at hand is to compile some similar projects, but I am striking out in terms of locating any. SO I turn to you fellow designers, any help?


    Tosh K

    There’s a community near UC Davis that is: pedestrian oriented, includes agriculture in the neighborhoods, and is designed to maximize people-nature connections.  I forget the name, but I think Robert Thayer references it in his writings.

    Roland Beinert

    You mean Village Homes? Maybe West Village?

    Borden Edgerton

    Yep, West Village is the name I think. That’s a nice example, thanks Tosh and Roland. 

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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