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    Rachel Fay

    I am very interested in how architects can help reduce commuting and make life easier for all the unfortunate who need to commute for hours everyday (essentially when we know the consequences it can have, and not only on our health).

    After reading this article about commuting less and living more that gives hint on how architecture could help, I was interested in your point of view 🙂



    Tosh K

    It mostly has to do with planning and zoning along with economics: where can people find work and where do they want to live.  Quite often employment is concentrated together: offices and related service industry tend to stay together for efficiency and commands high rent (above typical employees affordable costs per sf), leisure/life style is per sf lower (away from center of commerce) and living clusters closer to that.  Commuting time is a combination of two things: total distance and speed (public transportation/ITS highways can increase speed).

    Dense cities often have legal restrictions on sprawl (Portland, OR) and/or more inclusive zoning.

    Where people work and how people work is not easily managed by designers – they can influence smaller scale projects or create spaces that integrate both work and play.  cost of housing and pay is what typically drives commuting necessities though.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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