How can I “try out” LA before going for an MLA?

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    My background is in environmental science/management and I am considering going back to grad school to become a landscape architect. I just don’t know if I am creative enough or if I could handle the drawing. Does anyone have any ideas of how I might “try out” landscape architecture before starting a program? Maybe internship opportunities?


    And another question: Do landscape architects need to be good at sketching? Is that something they will do much of professionally?


    I would think it would be pretty difficult to find an internship without a landscape background or technical knowledge, but maybe..??

    What would you say your timeframe is for potentially re-entering school? Maybe you could take an undergrad intro level LA class. Intro to LA at CSU is more of a lecture with many non-LA majors and a few studio-like projects to expose studentsto the practice a bit.

    I’m sure some other folks here will have some better suggestions, but I also think LA is a broad enough discipline that if you have limited hand-drawing skills or even a lack of creativity you can find a niche where you work with creative people on interesting projects involving the environment. If you are more scientifically minded you may make a nice complement to artistically inlined design types…just a thought..

    Joshua K

    sketching is actually something that can be learned fairly easily. a lot of people think that you need to be born with artistic skill in order to be able to sketch, however, with the proper instruction you can learn the skill just like a software program or an instrument. check out mike lin’s workshops at


    I’m in a similar position, but my background is marketing so I’m even further from the field of LA. I contacted my local ASLA chapter, and the president is going to have me shadow her and do some office work and help in preparing for ASLA events.

    I’m also taking a beginning drawing class at my local college, in the extension program. It doesn’t focus on landscape, but it’s helped me learn just how to perceive things and given me basic drawing skills – and I had none before.

    I met with a local landscape architect to ask him a bunch of questions about the day-to-day job. That was extremely helpful. (I just looked up local firms on the Internet, and emailed him – he was nice enough to make time for me). I also spoke with a professor at Berkeley who was very helpful.

    Lastly, I’m considering taking an AutoCAD class too. Hope that helps…

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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