How did you get started on the path to where you are now?

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    Sunday Abuje

    I and two of my former classmates started a Landscape Architectural Firm doing both design and build projects after collage. It was hard at first considering we are in a developing country where landscaping is considered a luxury but after a number of projects, things are picking up and the office is getting busy but we have always kept our overheads at a minimum..

    michael damico


    I had an extremely similar path (arch > BS env. design > MLA), been working in golf maintenance for 7 years (while in school) and the design/construction industry for 3 years and now want to get out for LA. Glad you realized early what you wanted.


    I started collecting and propagation with/without rooting hormones moons ago.

    However, my work, somehow significant from my perspective,  one eye man among the blind, started when I coined the concept .endemismo trasnochado and pendejismo paisajista, both were defined at the time, 7 years ago and could be found if you go to search.  Both cover the horticultural trends in Puerto Rico USA in the last 50 years.,

    More recently, I felt some satisfaction when a couple of reviews on my installation in a mostly concrete backyard in the urban context in Puerto Rico appeared in the web.

    The English review mentioned one of my blogs. The Spanish link shows some photos of the installation in our residence during the last 3 years, transforming a dull, sterile environment into a space/garden thought in terms of flora/fauna. Not predominant and feeble minded trends in the architectural  landscape square minds in Boricua Architects on this site and the isle as a whole.

    In brief, my favorite architect designers are Cesar Manrique Cabrera and Barragan in that order.

    In Puerto Rico, there is NO ONE worthy of merit NOW or in the last 50 years. The most known a Cuban fellow, Berriz, is another mercenary whose work, mostly palms, turf and silly hedges is not available on the web, as if his work was worthy of stealing or copying.

    I am not the last Coke in the concrete/asphalt isle of Puerto Rico, just the only one with an abrasive, not complacent, critical, with some credentials and a plant collection that kicks butt.

    That is humbly, how I started and continue ahead. In my view, there are no laurels, no sleeping, just setting some trends or a little blunt debate with solid arguments once in  a blue moon.

Viewing 3 posts - 31 through 33 (of 33 total)
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