How many people design equestrian facilties?

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    Edna B Wilson

    I’ve noticed there aren’t too many people in the equestrian design group….where would I go to find some designers to chat with?


    Thanks, Edna

    Trace One

    Edna, my favorite (deceased ) designer, Ed Bye, A.E. Bye, was known for his horse farms – but more for the beauty than practicality – the horses had air conditioned stalls, 20×20, so you can imagine the type of horseflesh he designed for. the dry-laid retaining walls and stone drinking trough – gorgeous! Worth looking at – his picture book of his designs “Art into Landscape, Landscape into art” can still be found…..

    For living designers, I know Eddie Hollander of Ed Hollander designs, in NYC, has done horse farms in the Hamptons….He’s not on Land8, but a really good guy..

    Good Luck!

    Edna B Wilson

    I’m looking for someone interested in designing horse barns maybe to interview them for an article for our blog or?


    Mike Mitchell

    Try contacting Les Smith. He’s a professor at Ball State University who specializes in Equestrian Design and Planning. He was involved in the planning of the equestrian facilities for the Olympics in Atlanta 1996.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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