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    You quoted one of my all time anti-hero, great social commentarian and immensely talented musician. I would have voted for Frank Zappa if he ran for any office, anywhere, anytime.

    Trace One

    The economy bottomed out on Sept. 18,2008, not three years ago, Andrew, and when Obamatook office we were bleeding out 800000 jobs a month. Obama has turned that around slowly and steadily, even with Reublican obstructionism, to our now ADDING jobs each quarter – that is something that worked, in my book, and would have worked better if the Republs had let it. The auto industries were saved, health care (a HUGE drag on our economy) was passed in some form that saves the government money, and Obama actually talks about green energy and climate, while Romney laughs at him, saying he wants to ‘hold the seas back’. That is really sad, for a person who want to lead the free world.
    the only thing I like about Romney is that he took up riding when his wife started to ride – that seems like a nice husbandly gesture, to me. Other than that, he is the mean jock in high school who holds the sensitive guy down to cut his hair off, laughing..Have you EVER done anything that mean to anyone? I havent’…
    The republicans wish the economy was not recovering, but unfortunatley for them, the numbers don’t lie.


    Emotionally invested in hope and fairness? You’re kidding, right? Hope and fairness didn’t get a chance to work. I learned about hope and fairness when I discovered things like honor and duty to country when I was a cub scout. So what you’re telling me, since things didn’t work out with the imperfect honorable guy that we should go with the scumbag cheat to be our leader? Romney proved himself to be a snake during the 2012 primaries. I would take John McCain or even GW Bush back over Romney. At least with McCain and Bush you pretty much know where they stand on things.


    When I listen to Romney my BSer detector registers a ‘10’. Seriously who’s running on emotion here? Haven’t you noticed Mitt’s chameleon-like qualities over the last 18 months? Plus he still hasn’t released a sufficient amount of his tax returns. Those two items alone are deal breakers in my book.


    Andrew my friend I remember whose policies caused the economy to tank in the first place. I also remember that most of Obama’s policies were never given a chance for us to see whether or not they would work. Most importantly I don’t remember the Republicans offering up any alternatives other than reducing the size of government and cutting taxes. So in my eyes you’re the one expecting a different result by doing more of the same.  

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    “”The economy bottomed out on Sept. 18,2008”  Trace


    Are you telling me that the recovery started under the Bush administration?


    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    I’m not expecting different results. I’m pretty sure that the economy and life in general were a lot better during all administrations in my life time before this one.


    I can agree with you regarding just how bad things have been during this administration, but once again the economy tanked under the Bush. It took first aid applied to the economy by the Bush administration and a redressing of the wounds by the Obama administration to keep us from falling into a full blown depression. Did you expect Obama to fix the economy in four years with his hands tied?


    Here’s the breakdown:

    1. Economy tanks at an untimely time for John McCain
    2. Obama is elected because Americans are pissed the Republicans screwed up the economy
    3. Mitch McConnell makes a pouty pledge
    4. Obama’s policies are squashed
    5. Nothing gets done
    6. Economy remains in the pooper
    7. Republicans point fingers in the wrong direction  


    As much as I don’t want Romney to win, if he does I will wish him nothing but the best, then I’ll stand behind him and support him. He’ll be my guy until he intentionally does a number of bad things. I will give him the fair shot that Obama didn’t get from a lot of people.


    Obama will probably win, but I still won’t be able to have a full celebration. Black president or not we still have a long way to go in this country to make this thing work.



    Here is Frank Bruni from the NYT basically promoting what you wrap up with in your comment above. No matter who wins, can we just give whomever the victor is the necessary grace period and support to put whatever their programs and initiatives are to right our economy in motion and let  them sink or rise on their own merits ? (Yeah, Jason the former restaurant review critic again….)

    Or will we get to edge of the approaching “fiscal cliff”, paralyzed by partisan wrangling and intransigence and make an already intractable situation, that much more severe ? 

    That is the real choice before us as a nation, and the people we elect to give us representation for the common good and interest, namely the Congress. Whom without a moderate, cooperative and willing middle-ground, will neuter the next President, no matter who they may be. 

    Trace One

    No, Andrew, that is when all the banks collapsed and had to be bailed out – right then. The collapse happened under Bush. And that is the date. You can look it up..All the other stuff, job losses, etc., is a result of that collapse, and that collapse was caused by unregulated banking, the Bush tax cuts, and the unfunded three trillion dollar war. Is  that date unfamiliar to you ? that is when ALL the s### hit the f$$$$, so to speak..…


    As for the upcoming “fiscal cliff”, some smart liberals are just saying let it happen – what have we got to loose? I involves a massive cut to the military, I don’t see any other way we can get that, and the rest can be negotiated back in..I think both Elliot Spitzer and Paul Krugman have outlined a scenario of letting the fiscal cliff (so-named by conservatives) just a happen.


    Thanks for the great article landplanner. It definitely supports my belief that eventually all the party hype needs to get put aside and we become Americans first again. I hope and pray that Harry Reid and the Dems don’t do what Mitch McConnell and the Republicans did if Romney wins. I don’t think this country can’t take anymore gridlock.


    Oops! Andrew it seems like you got your timeline all screwed up.


    Don’t you remember Henry Paulson the Treasury Secretary telling us the bad news before Obama took office? The initial $700 billion bailout occurred under GW’s watch. That’s why he’s hiding out at the ranch instead of going to the convention and campaigning for Romney. Why do you think McCain lost? Seriously dude, tell me that you haven’t actually pinned the mess we’re in on Obama.


    “We all see what we want to see, hear what we want to hear, and believe what we want to believe.”

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    “I’m not expecting different results. I’m pretty sure that the economy and life in general were a lot better during all administrations in my life time before this one”


    I know the timeline. It did tank in 2008, but it did not bottom out until later. It is Trace who said it bottomed out in 2008.


    The previous seven years, the previous 8 before that, 4 before that, 8 before that, even the 4 before that, werre all better than we have now.


    Who squashed the Obama policies in the first two years? The squashing was the only bi-partisan thing that happened (if there was any) since he had 58% Democrat senators and  58.8% Democrat representatives.


    What caused the crash?



    I thought you (and maybe a few others here at Land8Lounge and those that have frequented this particular forum) might find this an interesting exercise. The Christian Science Monitor has too many knowledge quizzes to count, but this one regarding the past economic performance of presidential administrations was particularly eye-opening to me. It opened my eyes, because I thought I knew a lot already and that my knowledge base was accurate. I was way off and barely scored above half right on the correct answers. 

    There are 53 questions and it might take more time than you like, but if you think the current administration has the worse economic performance on record, take this exam you’ll think differently next time.


    You loco amigos are not going to change anyone’s opinion to join ranks with you. Most people already have made up their minds on who to vote for. And I’m not wasting my time arguing with Andrew’s mistake to vote for Mittens. I just know I did great under Obama’s tenure, both professionally and financially thru the stock market. And lets not get me started on how much of a fool many of you are for not heeding my advice almost 3 years ago when the market was crashing. Sirius radio at .25 cents a share, Ford Motors at $1.30 per…to name a few and look where they are today.

    I can’t convince any of my GOP friends to vote Obama and that’s okay. I was going to vote for Ron Paul and strongly considered Santorum. Never ever Romney. Simply, I don’t understand how you vote for a guy who didn’t pay income taxes for 10 years from 1999-2008 in the very same country he wants to lead. Who was hiding his money in off-shore accounts to avoid paying taxes. All of these accusations stem during the Republican Presidential primaries. Don’t believe what the Dems or Obama say about Romney. Instead, believe in what his rivals said months ago:

    “Romney is the biggest liar ever to run for office” – Newt Gingrich.

    “Romneycare is Obamacare and Mitt is the last person here to debate with Obama about healthcare.” – Rick Santorum.

    “Check his tax records. Mitt Romney has several off-shore accounts to avoid paying taxes and he probably didn’t pay anything 10 years ago.” – Rick Perry.

    And why does Romney refuse to give any on-camera interviews to FauxNews the last 2 months? Bill O’reily, a huge fan is annoyed that Mitt doesn’t want to talk to him. I just find it funny.

    My final take on the election. Hooray! The GOP gave us Bush/Cheney for 8 long years. Democrats not happy. Guess what? Life has a funny way of coming back in circles. Now its the GOP’s turn to sit down, shut up and take its medicine for Obama/Biden 8 years in office. Call it karma.…


    Once again I agree with you, life has been harder for the 99% under this admin. But, Obama was left with a great big pile of dung when he came into office. Sheesh you can’t blame the big pile of dung on the guy whose left cleaning it up can you?


    I can’t give you an exact date of the crash, but I can assure you it happened under Bush. Once again this is why a living two term Republican president isn’t out stumping for Willard. He even  knows that his policies were a big (though not the only) reason for the collapse.


    Yes, perhaps Obama should have been putting his energy elsewhere while he had the majority in his first years in office. But the jobs bill was squashed by the Republicans. There was a whole lot of squashing going on without any new ideas or compromising taking place.


    What caused the crash is a long story, but it damn sure wasn’t Obama that caused it.

    Leslie B Wagle

    I’ll go out on a limb here but I think it’s the most accurate prediction anyone could make. After the election (no matter who “wins”), the country will survive with little evident change and 1/2 of Americans will proceed to disagree with the other 1/2 of Americans. And the reverse. People don’t change because someone across the street votes differently, even friends and family. It wells up from much deeper currents, and those don’t just vaporize the morning after.

    Everybody have a normal day and don’t eat or drink too much.

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