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    I have commented here, at least once, that I continue to be personally impressed with the topic, both offbeat and mainstream, that our design colleagues at Archinect take on in their discussion forums. They seem to have no problem going way beyond the somewhat boring, mundane and timid  (but still important) i.e. “How can I handle the grade change of this patio ?” and targeting something that may have profound impact, and sometimes even an immediate one.

    Like this one for example.

    There is no shortage of the regulars, irregulars and hit-and-run artists (Maui Bob you have the golden statue on this one) with political opinions here at Land8Lounge that run the full spectrum, me included. 

    So your all invited to let it fly here under the same political postulate, with one add-on….

    What if Romney and Ryan Win ? What does it mean for the design professions in general, ours specifically, and the “environment” as a whole ?

    Prediction: Either this forum will catch fire and stir some vigorous debate (much needed here at Land8Lounge IMHO)  or we will continue to be more concerned with the slightly insignificant or attention-diverting topics that seem to be the commonplace norm here. Prove me wrong either way,  


    My opinion is that this is not the place for this subject. 

    That said…this country has the potential to suffer greatly because ‘low information’ and the far worse ‘information averse’ voters have been convinced to vote against their own interest.



    I think I agree with toby on the ‘low information’ thing, but I’m really excited to see this topic here 😉 Tired of having to go to archinect for political-architectural discourse.

    Phil Moorehead

    I see less federal grant money for parks, green infrastructure projects, urban renewal, and preservation/conservation in general. Along the same lines; laws mandating wetland mitigation, brown field remediation, mine reclamation, etc… would probably be far friendlier to big business (read: ineffectual or non-existent), resulting in fewer such projects for us and associated professionals.

    On the bright side, unions would probably be weakened, prevailing wage laws would probably be repealed, and there would likely be more money in the pot for design professionals (not that I am comfortable making a mint on the backs of underpaid laborers). We could also provide analysis and planning recommendations that would keep the impacts of new drilling, mining, and lumber operations in national parks to a relative minimum.

    I’m being a bit facetious, but I don’t expect I’m too far off the mark.

    Trace One

    If you want political argument, there are TONs of web sites – Slate gets pretty lively, Salon, you can comment on the NYT web site – and on and on..And man, does it get low pretty quick.

    I like to comment on politics, but also do not think this is the right site for it.

    but as for an opinion, perhaps walled ‘Womens Gardens’ will become popular if Ryan and the Twit get elected, since women will loose any rights they have left and the economy will nosedive as we enter into war with Iran, giving all our tax dollars to Halliburton and Blackwater once again. Perhaps walled gardens in general will become popular, in that scenario, to protect us from the armed citizenry of the “Stand Your Ground” america.

    Ryan said he ran a two hour marathon, my foot! and Eastwood talking to a chair, instead of talking to an actual democrat. Both actions extremely symbolic of the empty shirts and lies that are the Koch-brother backed republicans.

    But I have no opinion.

    Roland Beinert
    Trace One

    right, Roland – Romney getting a laugh out of the line, “Obama wanted to stop the rise of the oceans,” almost made me physically ill. Who are these people?

    Roland Beinert

    That remark made me lose all respect for Romney. Wasn’t he a moderate at one point?

    But the fact that they are willing to accept the whole Agenda 21 nonsense means that their disregard for the idea of sustainability goes way beyond just denying climate change. They are now against smart growth, bike lanes and pretty much anything that could be called sustainable, and their excuse is that it’s part of an evil plot by the UN to take away property rights or something. That could easily have an effect on the design professions.

    Jordan Lockman

    Remember that the field of Landscape Architecture also provides services to private developers. If the R/R ticket cuts taxes to spur development that would also benefit the field. We are not all working on public projects.

    Politics are really funny on Land8. 



    I respect your viewpoint here, but the countervailing arguments, supported by a feedbag of facts big enough to stuff the largest GOP elephant you can find nearby, are that tax cuts are next to ineffectual in job-creation and the general invigoration of  whatever national economy they have been tried and repeatedly failed in, especially our own. 

    If you have anything more valuable than tired talking points, mantra or hyperbole to support your apparent contention, make it known here. I would be happy to offer you tasty morsels from that feedbag referred to above. Meanwhile brew a bag of tea and contemplate your response. 

    Jordan Lockman

    WOW. Landplanner that was an extremely rude response. Please respond with respect if you are going to be talking politics on a professionally centered discussion board.

    Oh you did say respect before you started the name calling.


    Haha… way to push an “open discussion” about an eternally sensitive subject then rudely pounce on the first person who has a differing viewpoint than yourself. 

    How has the economic stability and/or job growth for our profession been in the last 4 years under Obama?  Not great it seems.  How will it change under a Romney/Ryan ticket?  Who knows — maybe none.  Maybe in a positive or maybe in an negative way; maybe we’ll find out.

    It would be nice to see some politically driven discussion here on Land8, especially over the next few months since these things do affect us all, but let’s keep it a discussion —  maybe people could learn a thing or two from someone.  It’s not your sounding board to attack people with differing perspectives.  Let’s keep it cool. 

    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    Why would anyone want to change the status quo?  …. let alone go back to the way things used to be?


    Daniel and Jordan (above):

    Clearly I was the hypocritical heretic here and for that I offer my humble apology with a 75%/25% split. The 75% goes out to Jordan for my incendiary closing, low-brow and blow “tea” related remark. That was highly uncalled for and Daniel your also right. It was not very civil and respectful.

    The remaining 25% is an apology to myself for lapsing like that, which I do have a tendency to do from time-to-time. I also let myself down for cruising near the bottom where some of the more inflammatory bomb-throwers tend to feed. They  show up from time to time at Land8Lounge to just shake things up and try to cause an argument for the sake of just pissing people off. (MauiBob are you reading this ?)

    There is no percentage left to apologize, and I won’t for my comments regarding the topic of tax cuts being an economic elixir that is both stimulative and job creating. That is a fallacious fairy tale of epic proportions, on the borderline of being indefensible.

    Since I ran this topic up the forum flagpole in the first place, I agree, let’s salute the original question and get back to a respectful discussion about it.

    There are some really thoughtful and sensible minds out there in Land8Lounge, some have already posted here. The rest of you, who are in that tribe, should too.


    Aloha LP,

    What’s happening in China? Buy a house there yet? Do it. Invest in your future. I’ve been extremely busy in real life landscape architecture / planning work the last 4 months and haven’t been able to contribute as much as I use to. One of these days, I’ll start a discussion regarding Public work projects and its process. I think the entry level to 8 years experience level would benefit from such info. I’ve got 4 hotly contested types going right now. Lots of heat between the typical, no build crowd vs we need construction jobs group. Okay, so where am I? What happened to Craig, the NYC man and Thomas, the Chicago landscaper? Anyway…

    Does anyone here want to start their own business? If you do, look no further than to borrow money from your parents. According to Romney, that’s all you have to do. And, I guess Obamacare isn’t so bad, since Romney publicly admitted on television that some of the programs are good for all.

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