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    We are two Australian students of landscape architecture and are writing to ask for advice in regard to a proposed study trip to Europe in Feb-March 2009. The purpose of our trip is to interview several prominent landscape architects and representatives of environmental organisations in London, Switzerland, Norway and Denmark.

    We would like to focus on the theme of ‘Innovation and future directions in landscape architecture’ and are compiling a list of four influential people to interview for an article for eventual publication in an Australian landscape architecture journal or magazine.

    We would be very interested to get opinions on outstanding examples of innovative landscape architecture firms, practitioners or places to investigate whilst in London, Switzerland, Norway or the Netherlands…. Thanks!

    Claudia Chalfa

    What about Gustafson Porter in London? They designed the Princess Diana garden, whose merit has been debated; but they also designed the forgiveness garden for Beirut, Lebanon, which I thought was a beautiful and thought-provoking design. Unfortunately this garden is incomplete right now because of recent trouble in the region, but I would really like to see it finished. They researched and found “common ground’ between disparate groups in the region and used history as a common-ground meeting place. I was impressed with their approach.

    There is also a lot of great LA work going on in Germany right now, although I know that isn’t on your itinerary. Take a look at the book “Riverscapes: designing urban embankments” to see the regeneration occurring along the Rhine.

    Good luck and have fun…I wish I could come!

    Sigrid Pichler

    In Denmark definitively SLA:
    I find their work extremely inspiring. Don’t miss to watch the video “Let’s not talk about aesthetics” on their website.

    If you’d to come to Edinburgh/Scotland GrossMax:
    They received the European Landscape Award in 2006 for their influence in “shaping the style of landscape architecture in 21st century”. Eelco Hooftman has been my lecturere at college and is one of the most inspiring landscape architects i’ve met so far.

    Kevin J. Gaughan

    I would also put in a vote for Germany. I think Atelier Dreiseitl is doing some really innovative work, especially using water in the landscape.

    Maria Aragao

    I really like the work of West 8, in the Netherlands.

    Karimah Gheddai

    Snohetta in Norway is worth a look at.

    Eric Papetti

    PROAP, out of Lisbon. Esp. regarding the Antwerp waterfront project.

    Craig Verzone

    In Switzerland you should look into a couple of firms. Zurich: Rotlzer and Krebs, Guido Hager, Vogt Landscape. Lausanne: Paysagestion and Christophe Husler. If you need any insight about what to visit or some initial contact with these offices, please don’t hesitate to contact me. Craig Verzone –,

    Craig Verzone

    Also, Geneva: Georges Descombes and ADR. We are located in the Swiss pre-Alps, the French-speaking region. Craig

    Rich Bensman

    I would check out Piet Oudolf. A spectacular plantsman.

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