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    Andrew Garulay, RLA

    This might be on the fringe, but at least it is positive:


    Has anyone heard any of this? Is the writer making this stuff up?


    Alan Ray, RLA

    thanks for posting Andrew, I hope he’s right.


    Heather Smith

    I hope he is right!

    Zach Watson

    I love the Article and I love seeing that there are people and COMPANIES that are strong on future US growth.  I also think this will be great for our profession, employment once again as people invest in the US.  Made my day!!


    Geez, why did they have to put the “Curtains for the US” article at the top of the list below the article?!  I don’t even want to read that one after I get to feel good for a change!

    I guess you can only dump so much smelly plastic and rubber on the world before it says “Enough!”  Seriously, ever get something made in China and all the parts are wrapped in plastic that off-gasses so strongly you feel like its going to knock you out?  Can’t be healthy to have that crap in your house!  Add to that the leaded paint issue, tainted food products, poor general quality, ripoffs of design, no respect for copyright laws, and people are beginning to see that these products are not always such a bargain.

    Jason T. Radice

    It is interesting, especially from a European point of view. The secret is to play our cards right. This assumes that the dollar will remain weak, which is why the European automakers are building plants here (that, and to avoid import taxes, and break away from the euro-unions). I don’t see wage hikes in China having all that much impact, as India is waiting in the wings, as are other southeast asian countries that China is already farming labor out to. That, and compared to Europe right now, we are a good risk. With concern to the middle east, they have seen this day coming for a while, thus the buildup of Abu Dhabi and Dubai…they want to build a world business and vacation destination while the cash is still rolling in, for the days when it is no longer. It would be great to have energy independence, I’ve been an advocate of CNG and local co-gen or household solar for a very long time, but not strictl for the ‘envronmental’ reasons. But again, we have to look to mak sure our business regulations and tax policies do not deter the repatriation of jobs and capital to spur our economic recovery. The US is still the most stable government the place to be. Good article, thanks for the post.

    Cara McConnell

    Remember when you were a kid and Mom and Dad told you stories about Santa Claus? This is equivalent but on an adult level. Nothing but a pipe dream! Story is probably straight out of Rick Perry’s presidential campaign. Look at history of the world. Each country had its chance to be in power one time or another. From China to Spain to England and France to Greece, etc etc. America’s top spot days are over. Canada or Brazil are the next world power.


    What happened to Land8 redesign? The “forum” portion is what most returning people come in here for and that has been reduced in viewable size and space. The gallery section never change images and therefore becomes less interesting over time. There’s no more individual design of your page anymore! How boring that everyone’s personal page is identical. How about if Landscape architect’s design spaces the same and use the same trees and shrubs throughout a project? Not a fan of the new graphic format.

    Zach Watson

    What a Debbie downer, I don’t know that there is one positive thing in your comment 


    Craig Anthony

    If you’re looking for something positive from Cara, you’re looking in the wrong place. But, I have to agree with her on the re-formatting. It seems like the biggest draw to Land8 was buried in the pull-down menu. If I were seeing the site for the first time, after I was done yawning, I probably wouldn’t be curious enough to find the discussions.

Viewing 9 posts - 1 through 9 (of 9 total)
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