Is there a market for the work I’ve been doing???

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    Melinda W. Polites

    I have only recently been turned on to this site and I find it somewhat fascinating and disconcerting in these difficult times.  I had no idea that LAs were suffering EVERYWHERE to such a level.  I thought it was the drought that was killing us in the South.  In any case, while I was employed I found that  trying to find unique and wonderful pieces for my projects was extremely limited and mostly all the same stuff. Last year, as a way of making work, I begin to create a line of products (for lack of a better word) for the landscape based upon a lot of special pieces I created for numerous large exhibits my old company participated in. 

    I have been at this for over a year now and I wonder, given the national and international status of so many members here, IS THERE A MARKET FOR MY STUFF that I have just not realized or am I wasting my time on this?  I am attaching a youtube of most of the things I have done which is only scratching the surface of what I can do.  Please be honest.  Is there a market for something beyond precast concrete, terra cotta, fiberglass and plastic? 


    please check this out and let me know. 

    Thomas J. Johnson

    I generally don’t care for western mosaic (they’ve got some amazing stuff in the middle east) but I really dig your work. It must be very time intensive though, which might make it difficult to be profitable. Have you done the math? How much could you sell them for vs how much time/materials does it take? If you can get connected with the right retailers, who can move your pots at maximum dollar, you might have a good thing. If you can get a system down for producing them / the patterns then you might be able to outsource the work, even to the original manufacturer (mexico) or somebody near the manufacturer. i.e. buy from the source, move them across town and have a couple people putting the tiles on and then import them to the US. Now you’ve got a good profit margin instead of doing the work yourself…

    Melinda W. Polites

    Thanks, really.  It is very time intensive – not too mention what it has done to my hands- because I cut and drill and grout everything myself but the more I do, the smarter I get. There is a lot of passion in it.  My intent has been to create a catalog of work that would eventually be reproduced by others once I could get enough interest.  So what you’re saying is exactly what I’ve been working toward – creating a production studio where I can design and others can produce.  At this point, the time intensity has been about creating enough designs and enough products to make a strong show.    .

    When I started this last year, it was because of the constant frustration in trying to find something unique for clients and the need to ‘make it myself’ if we ever wanted anything above ordinary.  I have done the numbers and even now I can do these for slightly above what the retail price is for the nice precast concrete piece or italian terra cotta. 


    Thanks for your comments.  When someone who doesn’t care for western mosaic digs my work, it gives me the push to keep on going. 





Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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