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    Lucy Wang

    Hi all,

    I’m going to be visiting Shanghai for the first time (China for the first time actually) very soon for a couple of weeks. Does anyone have suggestions for landscape architecture sites, landscape architecture firms, gardens, general cool urban design stuff to see in or around Shanghai?

    Oh, and I’ll be there in the winter time. Like at the peak of the rain and cold. I know it’s not the ideal time to go, but it is what it is! 

    My list so far:

    Quarry Garden at the Shanghai Botanical Garden

    Houtan Park

    Fuxing Park

    Zhongshan Park

    Gubei Gold Street

    Shanghai Urban Planning Exhibition Center

    -Suzhou (garden city)



    George McNair


    See the Imperial Palace


    Are you related to the older Landscape Architect that went to U of Oregon with me back in 1973? His name is Tommy Wang? 


    Xpat Larki

    Expo Park and Village, in my opinion, is a must-visit.

    You may also want to check out Xintiandi, Bridge 8, Suzhou Creek and the “Factories”.


    And remember to look for that very “hot potato” which they sell to people to keep warm.




    John E. Ryther


    Congratulations on your upcomming adventure in Shanghai.  I have had the opportunity to visit Shanghai seven times and loved every minute of it.  One of the first things to strike me in winter was the trees which appeared to have been butchered.  Branches were cut back, nearly to the trunks, where new growth sprung to life in the form of nunerous water sprouts and contorted branches.  Struggling for life, these trees appeard to have been tourchered and disfigured.  Visit agin in spring and these trees, in full leaf, take on new and very dense form of life.  It takes a while to appreciate these trees.  I for one, struggled to include the 150 yer old transplant trees in my designs. After seven trips I look forward to seeing the trees and have even cut back a very sick tree in my own yard in Boston to see it renew itself.

    As for the sites, the city is a site to see in itself.  I could walk the streets all day long and find wonderment around each and every corner.  It is the most exciting city I have ever visited.  It is ever changing and different every time I visit.  New high rise buildings spring up, seemingly over night.

    Allow yourself time to visit the old shopping streets and traditional parts of the city as well as the gardens.


    John Ryther, ASLA 

    ICON parks design 


    Lucy Wang

    Awesome, thanks all. I’ll definitely check out Expo Park!

    @george McNair: Haha, no I’m not related to Tommy Wang, though if he is who I think you’re talking about, I’ve met him before as an intern.

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