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    Wes Arola, RLA
    Jay Smith

    Good News! Let’s hope they’re right.

    Dominic Esser

    I agree, I sure hope that this is true as well. I was talking to my former employer not too long ago and he was telling me that it is starting to look better again, eventhough 2009 can be completely written off, but there does seem to be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    …keeping my fingers crossed…



    At the same time, BLS also accounted 17.8% job loss in architecture profession in the first three quarters of 2009, making architecture the hardest hit profession in this recession. This number does not include this quarter and the loss in 2008. The total loss is about 28%. If BLS predicts a 20% job growth from now toward 2018, does this mean it will take another nine years for the profession to recover to the previous level, about 2% in growth, or -8% depending on which figure you use?


    I agree.

    How does the recent mass layoffs factor into that 20% predicted growth number? I also wonder how the BLS collects statistics like this. Is the number based on the projected number of future university graduates becoming practicing professionals or is it something else? As it is the labor pool for la and arch is oversaturated. Undoubtedly, it seems in my mind some will leave the profession altogether.

    I’m unsure if this last round of graduates has faced the toughest market for employment or if it is yet to come. Students are graduating at a much higher rate and volume than can be absorbed by the field and it would seem like it’s only going to get tighter, at least for a while. I hope I’m totally wrong.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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