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    So does anyone know how to obtain sample vignettes other than the ones in those two study guides? Are there any sort of on-line resources? Seven vignettes for design, and seven vignettes for grading, and I’m sure there will be something on the test that isn’t covered.

    Eric Gilbey

    Edward, ASLA Chapters provide LARE Review Sessions fairly regularly, and depending where you live, there may be one close to you. In fact, I am about to conduct one in Omaha, Nebraska, in conjunction with the Central States ASLA Conference. These LARE Review Sessions are immensely valuable, because they not only go over the ways to prepare for the exam, but usually mock exams are given. My Review Sessions usually have plenty of take-home mock exams, too…including the evaluation criteria for some. There are two key points to your practices…one is to budget your time with a few practice exams, balancing the quicker and longer vignettes. The other is to know what the grader will be looking for (completeness, program fulfillment, and design rationale). A review session would go further to explain this. By the way, there are a few more examples on the ASLA website, on the LARE section. Keep us posted as to how your prep is going.

    Marc Garon-Nielsen

    Hi Edward, has additional vingnettes . . . a word of caution, since most of these vignettes are scans of copied, copies, they aren’t always at the scale listed. Also, some of the types of questions (even in the PPI books) aren’t types of questions that are tested anymore. As a rule of thumb if there is a planting design component or pipe sizing component in a vignette question these are not tested as part of C and E anymore.


    Thanks for the info- I was able to find a few more vignettes at It surprises me that there are so few available. Does CLARB withold this info from potential test takers for a reason or is it simply that nobody has bothered to put the information out there? As I understand it, the available test vignettes for all sections are quite outdated. I studied them for the multiple choice, and while I did pass I think it was due to experience and other readings than the sample quizes.


    Good to know about the planting and pipe sizing. I was wondering that myself, as the recently released guidelines for the Design Section didn’t list anything about plants or lighting while the older vignettes put a lot of stress on those two subjects. It’s good to have one less thing to study…. but what did they replace it with?

    Eric Gilbey

    Edward, Marc is right that those topics were no longer in section C and E, but now they are in section D, which is multiple choice. Though you would not need to study them for the June or December exams, you would need to study them as you prepare to take section D…same goes for q=cia. Also…though you would not be asked to size pipe for section E, you should be prepared to place spot elevations on pipe inverts and outfalls, and top of grates, etc just like you would on surface elevations.


    Thanks for the info. I wish I had been a Land 8 member last year when it would have helped. As it is, all multiple choice sections have been taken and were passed on the first go. Just need to find more vignettes.

    Jim Del Carpio

    try LARCH:Site Engineering Tutorials for Landscape Architecture

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