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    Hi everybody,

    I am looking into taking one of the multiple choice sections of the LARE in March. I haven’t taken any yet so I am wondering what is a reasonable amount of time to prepare?

    Also is one section at a time recommended, or is it doable to sign up for two within March? I was thinking of starting with A or B based on the passing rates. Any advice from your experience would be helpful!


    Hi Mros,

    Great question. I’ll give you my feedback based on my own experience.

    I took all 3 multiple choice sections at once, two years ago, (and I was quite surprised to find that I passed all 3). In the interest of finances.. i.e.. not having to pay for CLARB fees and exam fees again, I over-studied so as to pass as many sections as I could.

    I studied for about 5-6 weeks ahead of time, prob several nights a week, and weekends. If you are highly motivated to pass the first time around, I would say it’s not unreasonable to study even earlier.

    I think taking 2 sections at a time is a good idea. Taking all 3 can be a bit much. It’s a lot of information to process. I’m actually surprised that Section D has the lowest passing rate of the 3 multiple choice sections, because in my opinion, it is the most straightforward; it is all about actual materials, construction detailing, etc… The other 2 sections seemed much more vague to me, and did not relate to anything that I do on a daily basis in my job.

    So that brings me to my next point: People always want to know what to study. Studying for this test is a bit like studying for the SAT. It’s difficult to study the material itself, and it’s a good idea to learn HOW take the test. Does that make sense? It’s hard to describe. I would definitely get your hands on as many practice tests as possible and you’ll see what I mean. You have to learn how to answer the questions, because that is sometimes as helpful as learning the actual material.

    So, ultimately, start way earlier than you think you need to, so there’s no rushing or stressing, and that way you become totally familiar and comfortable with the material as well as the styles of the questions. And take the sections you feel most confident in, so you’ll pass the first time and get your confidence up.

    That is what I did, and now I am faced with taking Section C in two weeks.. and I’m so scared I won’t pass! But I’m doing my best. oye.

    I hope this help you.. let me know if you have any other questions, and good luck!

    Jordan Lockman

    My study group and I took a, b, and d at the same time and did just fine. It was a little stressful, but we all passed them on the first shot. I then took the graphic exams one at a time and that was helpful since they are very different tests while the multiple choice have a lot of overlap. I did take E twice, but that is a really difficult test. So don’t be afraid of taking all three if you are willing to spend a couple of months preparing. I met with a study group once a week that really helped.

    Find as many practice tests as you can and then study the questions and answers. Learn as much as you can about anything that can possibly be tested. The Multiple choice tests are very similar to a college exam so you should do pretty well if you know your stuff.

    For me section c was pretty straight forward while e was a real challenge.


    Thanks for your replies. I think I’ll go for two of the multiple choice sections for now. Good luck on section C Michelle!

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